Czech Republic, far more famous for Becherovka as for Gin so is the country of origin of today vorzustellenden product. The last time was in the headlines Czech Republic 2012 in connection with alcohol, but very inglorious reasons.

Easier to handle high-value products

This inglorious occasion was the scandal over adulterated with methanol spirits who demanded several deaths in the Czech Republic about 18 months ago and led to the serving of liquor has been prohibited in the meantime. "As a result, there is a rise in demand for premium spirits, while cheap productions gathering dust on the shelves." So it looks in any case Martin Zufanek, manufacturer and distiller by OMG - Oh My Gin.
In the second generation the family Zufanek distilled now in Eastern Bohemia. What began with the classic fruit distillation and the well-known plum brandy, is now a thriving family business, in which both the founder Marcela and Josef Zufanek operate and bring to the meanwhile also the three sons Martin, Josef and Jan their work.
In a modern Kolonnendestille also Gin is in addition to the classic fruit spirits now so distilled.

A product for bars

In total, there are 16 botanicals to give the OMG its typical taste. Besides the obvious juniper it include lavender, Kubebenpfeffer, coriander and orange peel and leaves of linden. Some of the ingredients are macerated for 36 hours or twelve hours before the distillation of the second part of the herb is added directly before the mixture migrates into the still, orange peel are added. In two Kolonnendestillen with 300 liters of volume is then distilled and produces a gin having about 80% Vol. Alcohol content, which is then diluted to the 45% Vol.Trinkstärke. 12000 liters of gin are produced per batch.

Sold Oh My Gin for two simple reasons in half-liter bottles. "For one thing I do not like liter bottles. OK. for wine, but not for hard liquor. Secondly, we want to support as the Gentleman Way of Drinking ", Martin Zufanek identifies the reasons for the sale size. Moreover, the Gin is only available in bars or on small, rural markets that have completely prescribed a bio certificate.
For the Czech Republic, where the average salary in 2013 was just under € 1,000 under the brand, the retail price of 485 crowns, ie nearly 18 euros, anyway anything but a bargain. In the good bars in the larger cities, however, are apparently willing guests large sums for quality alcohol issue. By his own testimony could record a growth of 30% in Zufanek in the last 5 years. A good moment, then, to take advantage of the increasing popularity and the growing Ginmarkt with enter.

The tasting

Recently, the Gin is available in Germany and MIXOLOGY ONLINE has tasted it. On the table Oh My Gin comes in a small squat bottle with a bright label. Visually appealing pierces the blue OMG produce lettering, otherwise you are quite purist. Juniper and citrus fruits dominate the nose, accompanied by a pleasant spiciness and a slightly peppery note. In the second moment, the typical freshness of coriander is very clear. A very positive first Eindruck.Im mouth then a juniper bomb. Massive with a slight sharpness enters the gin, then shows spicy and remains eternally present in the oral cavity. A pleasant, classic Dry Gin, the cautious bypasses sympathetic with premium phrases and the wooing of exceptionality.
Also known as G & T makes OMG a good figure. A fresh, very drinkable highball in which the Gin Tonic Water dominates. Juniper, coriander and a slight sharpness round off this impression.

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