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  • What is absinthe?

    What is absinthe?

    Absinthe is an alcoholic drink made from Artemisia absinthium (a plant known as grand wormwood) and a series of other herbs such as fennel, anise, hyssop and Melissa. Actual recipes are always varied by country and the manufacturer, as well as the quality of each brand absinthe. Traditionally, the drink was classified as quality absinthe suisse (the best quality, alcohol content of 68-72%), demi-fine (50-68% alcohol) or plain (45-50%).Read More

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    Another spirit, whose main aroma comes from the juniper. Exactly, a new gin. But somehow exerts this gin from a strange attraction. Whether it is the simple but witty label or simply the fact that the Czech Republic comes from gin, it can not be precisely established.Read More

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